Saturday, January 29, 2005

The dualism of idealism and unreality of sensory data

Beneath a detail of the painting of Rafaello ‘Athenian school’ (1510-1511), Plato and Aristotle.

In the book ’ Filosofia Prima’ on page 34 you read: “From the point of view of the weltbild idealism ment a dualistic division to mobile world of senses and immobile world of reason and ideas. Because the latter are real, the interest turned from nature reaching just probabilities to the possibilities of human soul and reason.”

A student’s question: ”Does this mean that the world of senses is not real?” Yes, this is how Plato understood it. According to him the world of ideas was real and immobile. Anybody sees, how a flower unwatered whithers and turns ugly. In the world of ideas the idea of a complete flower remains for ever brilliant and constant. Platon was teased by asking: Is there, in the world of ideas, also the idea of ugly things? The dualism was problematic to Aristotle. So he accepted a view different from that of his teacher. Have a look at how he understood the nature of reality.


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