Sunday, January 30, 2005

”Is this a good book?”

A student remarked: ”I read about Descartes’ philosopy in ‘Sophia’s world’ and understood what it was all about.” I would say that understanding is relative, but I recommend my Norwegian colleague’s (teacher of philosophy and religion, now a free writer) Jostein Gaarder’s success book ‘Sophia’s world’ The book has been written for young readers, which does not dim the ideas presented in it. The best thing is that it opens philosophy for beginners. The cover story may not offer an immediate object of self recognition for an adult student (Sophia is 14 years old). Gaarder has the ability to concretize a number of philosophic concepts very clearly. Find the right attitude and read the book! The book is not a text book, but if Alberto makes you think along with Sophia, some excellent ideas may turn out. (Have a more critical look on the book at the heading link ‘niin&näin’)


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