Monday, January 31, 2005

Esa Saarinen’s New philosopy book has been published

Esa Saarinen urges to think and practise philosophy. The visual look (by Marjaana Virta) of the book published by WSOY does not appeal to everybody, but if you try letting go, if you follow the first pages of the book, you may find something new and good!

Listen what Esa Saarinen writes: “Somebody may take an interest to think, to think independently. To think in a different and surprising way. In his mind he combines things that he or she has used to consider separate. He or she sees a new unity, in the light of which some truths will be tuned in a new splendor. He or she is practising philosophy. “Any thinking is not bright philosophy, but why not? Have a look, and be astonished!


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