Thursday, February 10, 2005

Some further specifications to the instructions on making your portfolio

If you want to reflect things in peace, you can return the portfolio at the end of the fourth period. Some students have come up with great ideas: you can discuss the questions also with other people, some students discuss the questions with their spouses, some organize theme discussions in the coffee pauses of their offices. The results of these discussions are then added to the portfolio. Of course, the subject must also be studied on the basis of the philosophic sources. Discussion has an important role in philosophy. Therefore these ideas are a fine way to make up elements missing in distant learning.

The portfolio should be a formally whole and clean copy. It must contain some kind of a heading page, presentation of the contents, use of headings and a list of sources goes to this formula, your own creative variations are allowed, however. The size of the portfolio shoud be at least 12 net text pages plus other pages. A portfolio does not mean just answers to questions, but it needs to show your own thinking and learning in one way or another.


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